The Alexander Moncur Trust is a grant making charity based in Dundee. Its primary aim is to support, cultural, educational, health and social projects within Dundee and its environs. To achieve this aim, the Alexander Moncur Trust awards multiple grants, generally up to £5,000, twice a year. In exceptional circumstances, the Alexander Moncur Trust will award grants significantly in excess of £5,000.

Alexander Moncur Trust
Who can apply?

Who can apply?

  • In almost all circumstances only applications from registered charities will be considered.
  • In exceptional circumstances, applications on behalf of an individual or non-charitable body will be considered, if there is a unique and significant common good to be gained in the Dundee area.
  • The Alexander Moncur Trust has in the past entered into multi-year arrangements to support specific projects. In these exceptional cases, grants in the range of £10,000 per year for three years have been awarded. Past recipients include, Sense Scotland and Maggie Cancer Care, for projects based in Dundee.

Geographical area

  • Whilst most successful applications come from Dundee and the surrounding area, applications will be considered from charities based furth of Dundee and area, if a clear link can be shown that will support and benefit the Dundee area and its residents.

  • As a rough geographic guide, almost all grants are awarded to charities or their projects that fall within an area stretching around Dundee, through north Fife, Perth and Angus.

How to make an application

  • Download the application form (link) and return to :- Lindsays Solicitors, Seabraes House, 18 Greenmarket Dundee DD1 4QB

  • Forms can also be obtained from Lindsays Solicitors, Dundee, telephone 01382 200109

  • Deadline for applications for the spring meeting is 31st March.

  • Deadline for applications for the Autumn meeting is 30th September.

  • Applications received after that date will be held over until the next meeting.

Geographical Area
Award of Grants

Award of grants*

  • Successful applicants for the Spring meeting will usually receive an acknowledgement in early May, with the grant being paid by the end of May.

  • Successful applicants for the Autumn meeting will usually receive an acknowledgement in early November, with the grant being paid by the end of November.

  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive a pro forma reply. To reduce administrative costs, feedback as to why an application has been unsuccessful is not usually given.

* These dates are for guidance only.

Successful candidate feedback to the charity

  • Successful candidates must complete and return a brief report to satisfy the Alexander Moncur Trust that the grant has been spent in line with the application. 

  • The Alexander Moncur Trust reserves the right to carry out further investigation following receipt of the follow-up report.

  • Should it become clear that a grant has not been used for the purpose specified in the application, the Alexander Moncur Trust will expect a full repayment of the grant.